Add Australia Post and Fastway shipping prices to
your Shopify checkout screen.

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Will AusCarrier work on the Shopify Basic Plan?

Yes it will!

AusCarrier needs Real-Time Carrier Shipping (RTCS) enabled. Shopify let’s you enable Real-Time Carrier Shipping on a Basic Plan by:

The other alternative is to sign up with the Advanced Shopify plan ( for $299 p/month where Real-Time Carrier Shipping is part of the plan.

Real-Time Carrier Shipping (RTCS) must be activated before AusCarrier has been installed. If you installed AusCarrier before RTCS was activated then you will need to uninstall AusCarrier, then activate RTCS, and once-again re-install AusCarrier.

My store has Real-Time Carrier Shipping activated, how do I get AusCarrier working?

  1. You can install Shopify from your store or install AusCarrier directly from the AusCarrier site,
  2. Activate Australia Post or Fastway or both,
  3. That’s it. You’re done.

If you have any installation issues, please visit our Help page or contact us directly at:

Does AusCarrier work in New Zealand?

AusCarrier now supports New Zealand based stores who want to use Fastway Carrier to ship to New Zealand customers.

And AusCarrier also supports Australian-based stores who wish to use Australia Post to ship to a New Zealand address.